Abdelillah Chahidi the Alchemist

The Moroccan artist Abdel-Ilah Chahidi is considered to be a major figure of the new sensitivity. He was able to present sceneries filled with fantastic and marvelous energy by using luminous colors as well as contrasts, nay, «conflicts of matter» as the talented artist calls them, such that some of his artworks seen in broad daylight have their aspects completely transformed by night, showing off an even more amazing spectrum of colors. Knight of the Mondial Art Academia, this gifted researcher in the field of art is hypersensitive, motivated by his goal of finding the perfect way to represent the female body, he›s captured and represented in his artworks with alchemical colors a beauty both apparent and latent.

Biography :

Being a painter, he lives and works at Mohammedia. Born in Casablanca, he was one of the laureates from the «Ecole des Arts Plastiques de Casablanca» and graduated from the «Centre Pédagogique Régional de Rabat». He is currently the chairman of the Painters› Association of Mohammedia.

Main exhibitions :

1981 : Cultural Center, Casablanca.

1983 : Bab Rouah, Rabat.

1987 : Municipal Theater, El Jadida.

1989 : Cultural Center, Mohammedia.

1991 : Cultural Complex Sidi Belyout, Casablanca.

1993 : Pompidou Center, Paris.

1994 : Participation to the art workshop of San Pedro, Spain.

1994-2012 : Collective exhibits at Morocco and abroad.

2012 : International exhibit, Settat.

2013 :

- International Exhibits, Settat.

- Exhibit at Dart Louane, Rabat.

2014 :

- Individual Exhibit at the Mine d›Art gallery, «Feminine Thoughts», Casablanca

- Exhibit «The Hands that See», Forum of Culture, Casablanca.

- Exhibit «Body and Body», Forum of culture, Casablanca.

- Salon National d›Art Contemporain, Marrakech.

2015 :

- Academician Knight of the Mondial Art Academia.

- Tribute by the University of Letters of Mohammedia.

2016 :

- Quatrième Salon d›Automne d›Amérique Latine, São Paulo.

- International Forum of Contemporary Art, London.

- Barcelona International Art Fair, «Museu Maritim de Barcelona».

- First pick of a Galery (Prix International des Galeries).

- Best Arabic painter in the Surrealism category, organised by «The Arab Group».

- African Souls, Espace Sophonisbe, Carthage, Tunisie.

2017 :

- International Contemporary Art Fair, Marseilles.

- Exhibition Gestations en Luminescences, Gallery Bulles d›art, Casablanca, Morocco.

- International Fall Fair of South America.

- International Art Day with the collaboration of UNESCO and the International Joussour Center of Arts and Litterature.

- International Contemporary Art Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

- International Contemporary Art Fair, Barcelone, Spain.

- International Contemporary Art Viellan, Lausane, Switzerland.

2018 :

- Victor Huge prize.

- International prize of nations.

- Leonardo Da Vinci prize.

- International Contemporary Art Fair, Lecce, Italy.

- International Contemporary Art Fair, Venise, Italy.

- International Contemporary Art Fair, Florence, Italy.

- Guest of Honor at the international contemporary art fair, Wissembourg, France.

- Retrospective exhibition at the national library, Rabat, Morocco.

2019 :

- International Contemporary Art Fair, Marseille, France.

- Prize of Excellence, Marseille, France.

2020 :

- Gold Medal at the International Art Professionals Awards.

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